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What we do

We develop and sell the cultivation solution of the future, the QS GreenBox. We are specialized in closed environment, automated cultivation technology for forestry seedlings. Our goal is to contribute to an efficient and sustainable production of forestry seedlings and to more high-quality plants being planted to mitigate climate change.

Our vision

is to become a leading supplier of innovative, sustainable and efficient cultivation technology within the forestry industry.

Our mission

is to contribute to an efficient and sustainable reforestation to help
mitigate climate change.

Our technology

is patented and has been up and running for over 10 years with minimal need of maintenance.

Our products

We create value through your whole process.

We offer several products and services in our unique QS series where the QS GreenBox is where you will benefit the full potential of an automated cultivation process.

QS GreenBox

Our main product is a fully automated cultivation system that pre-cultivate forestry seedlings in multiply layers in a closed environment. This enables an efficient and sustainable production of seedlings, with the same optimal results, repeatedly – all year-round. Just program the perfect recipe and press start and produce up to 14 million seedlings annually, on only 100 sqm.

The QS GreenBox is a proven and patented solution and will take your production to an industrial and process-based production. Implement the QS GreenBox and secure a high growing expertise 24/7, 365 days a year.

The QS GreenBox is installed in isolated industrial buildings of an area of 200 sqm with concrete floors. This makes it possible to install the QS GreenBox anywhere, in the world. The lifetime of the QS GreenBox is at least 30 years with minimum, but regularly maintenance.

Implement the QS GreenBox and take your nursery to a new level of modernization, digitalization and efficiency.


QS StorageRack

The QS StorageRack will rationalize and simplify your plant logistic at the nursery.
It is a specially designed for storage of mini plug seedlings in a compact and space efficient way. The storage rack is also used for easy transportation of the mini plug seedlings between seeding – QS GreenBox – transplanting/cold storage.

QS Analysis and R&D

We have a vast experience of plant biology in combination with cultivation in the QS GreenBox solution. We have lead many R&D projects focusing on developing the plant growth. We have also spent many hours on creating growing schedules for nursery´s to make the nursery as efficient as possible.

PlantVation can offer an analysis of your nursery and provide you with a report on how many seedlings your nursery can produce with implementation of the QS GreenBox. The report will also include how the nursery can make the usage of resources as efficient as possible. 

QS Support and Service 

We offer a support and service agreement to sign after implementation of a QS GreenBox or QS InnovationBox. The agreement includes support hours and regularly maintenance to make sure everything is working perfectly and that all the software is updated. This will contribute to extending the lifetime of the QS GreenBox, which is at least 20 years.

QS InnovationBox

We offer a rental of a small-scale QS InnovationBox for efficient R&D possibilities and testing of the big scale QS GreenBox. Just plug it in and get started with R&D or use it for valuation of the QS GreenBox if you are curious to try it out with your own seeds and growing recipes.

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Do you have any questions or want more information about what we do and our products? Please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Attract new skills

Attract a new generation of labor and skills by a modernization of the facility.


365 days

All year-round production with a
cultivation in a closed environment.


Lower your costs

Reduced labor costs with highly
automated technology.


Maximize seedlings

Up to 40 % more seedlings on the
existing area and recourses.


Produce more

Increase the production capacity on existing areas with multi-layer production.


Additional savings

Minimize winter loss, increase germination and reduce heating costs, are some additional savings.


Faster growth

Grow a 2-year old plant in 1 year – Start the growing season with a pre-cultivated seedling.


100% in the trays

Achieve 100% in the trays by transplanting from miniplug to bigger trays for the next growth phase.


The forest is important for the worlds existence and will always be. Around the world there is an increasing demand of reforestation to mitigate climate change and meet the demand of wood. With help of the QS GreenBox, you can speed up your production capacity at the same time as you make your production cycle more sustainable.


Reduced usage of fossil fuels by reduced heating in greenhouses


No pesticides are being used in the QS GreenBox


Reduce over-fertilization in the ground


Recycle up to 90 % of the energy used in the QS GreenBox


Contribute to more plants being planted

About us

We are experts in closed environment cultivation and have worked in that area for over 30 years in different projects. We have experience of producing lettuces, herbs, flowers and different kind of forestry plants. Since the last years, we are focusing on the forestry industry to help nursery´s produce forestry seedlings in the most efficient and sustainable way. Our main competence is cultivation technology and to create optimal growing climates. We have also vast experience of plant biology, light recipes and forest nursery´s.


Cultivation technology

Growing climates

Plant biology


Light recipes

Our story

The team has a background in developing cultivation technology for lettuces and herbs in a closed environment. The products were sold to grocery stores on the Swedish market for over 20 year. Since about 10 years the technology was adapted and updated to meet the needs and requirement for production of forestry seedlings. In total, the technology that QS GreenBox is based on, has been up and running successfully for over 30 years.

PlantVation is a spin-off of the technology company Nypro AB, which is a partner for manufacturing of the QS GreenBox. PlantVation was started in 2019 to take the product on the market and continue with innovation and development of new products and services to be added to the QS series.

Our future

We strive to always be able to deliver the most efficient and modern cultivation technology. We are working closely with clients and partners to improve and develop new and upgraded solutions to meet the market needs. Our goal is to deliver the most efficient and sustainable solutions available on the market that will transform forestry nursery´s towards digitalization, modernization and process-based productions with secure, repeatably and precisely results, independent of external circumstances as climate change or personnel-based expertise.  

Our team

Peter Byström

Chairman of the board

Master of Business Administration with a background in banking and finance and the realestate industry. Experienced Chairman of Boardwork and partner in an investment company.

Hannele Arvonen

Board Member

Forester with 30 years of experience in leading positions in the forest industry. Development-driven and passionate about sustainability and business development through organizational and technical excellence

Viktoria Lindstrand

Board Member

International experience in business development, sales and marketing with a technical background from R&D to production.

Johan Westman

Board member

Project manager, part of company management and is a major shareholder and a member of the nomination committee in a public technology consulting company. 30 years of experience in extensive delivery projects in the engineering, energy and process industries in various leading roles, both nationally and internationally.

Peter Johansson

CTO, Founder and Board member

30 years experience in the development of cultivation technology and has been selfemployed throughout his career. Developer of the company’s main product and has compherensive expertise in the area.

Johanna Johansson

CEO, Commercial Officer and Founder

Solid knowledge of the company’s products as well as very good customer and industry knowledge. Experience of marketing and business development.

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Do you have any questions or thoughts about what we do? Please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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