About us and our history

We are experts in closed environment cultivation and have worked in that area for over 30 years in different projects. We have experience of producing lettuces, herbs, flowers and different kind of forestry plants.

Since the last years, we are focusing on the forestry industry to help nursery’s produce forestry seedlings in the most efficient and sustainable way. Our main competence is cultivation technology and to create optimal growing climates. We have also vast experience of plant biology, light recipes and forest nursery’s.

We are based in Kvissleby in the middle of Sweden where we have our office and workshop space. Soon we will have a showcase presenting our products. Give us a call and book a visit, we will be happy to welcome you!

Our team

Don't hesitate to contact us, we're looking forward to hearing from you

Johanna Johansson

CEO, Commercial Officer and Founder

070-320 90 60

Peter Johansson

CTO, Founder and Board member

070-664 42 87

Board members

Olof Hellström

Chairman of the board

Johan Westman

Board member

Hannele Arvonen

Board Member

Peter Johansson

CTO, Founder and Board member