QS GreenBox – Stationary

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QS GreenBox – Stationary
QS GreenBox

QS GreenBox – Stationary

Selling title about the product

Big scale installation inside of a closed environment and isolated building with an electricity and water connection. The batch capacity is up to 2 million seedlings on only 100 sqm floor area.

Other Products

QS GreenBox – Innovation

QS GreenBox – Innovation is a small scale cultivation box used for verifying cultivation results and for R&D. QS GreenBox | Innovation is a smallscale cultivation box used for verifying cultivation results in the QS Feasibility Study. It can be used for R&D purpose in the nursery to for instance try out new nutritions, substrates, species.


QS GreenBox – Mobile

QS GreenBox in a smaller scale and installed inside of a 40 fot freight container. A mobile solution that do not require a building for installation. Just connect the container to electricity and water and get started.

QS Feasibility Study

The purpose of the feasibility study is to verify the cultivation results with QS GreenBox, identify production effects and values, as well as to evaluate what an implementation of QS GreenBox would mean for the nursery. We will also identify required adaptions and redesigns of the standard QS GreenBox to suit the particular nursery and its seedling species.


On-Site Cultivation Analysis & R&D Tool

Dive into on-site results verification and push the boundaries of R&D. Whether you’re testing new nutrients, substrates, or species, this compact powerhouse is your nursery’s game-changer.